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Here you can find some of the highest quality (even show quality) goldfish available. The fish here are some of the world's finest, showiest and healthiest available anywhere. All fish have been pre-quarantined and fed a diet of only the highest quality live and soft food to ensure you are getting a strong, healthy, happy pet. Not only that, but we only carry the most impressive specimens - it will not take long for you to discover that this is not your run-of-the-mill pet store. We are sure you will agree that Goldfish Emporium's fish surpass any you have ever seen anywhere else, and are sure to be a show-stopper in any pond or tank.

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Buy Only Quality Goldfish and Avoid Lots of Problems!

These goldfish are light-years beyond the pet store in terms of health and hardiness. Experts all agree that pet store goldfish are often put through a lot - being shipped from location to location and sometimes being sold the same day they get to their destination. This makes them very weak by the time they get home... often times they are on the edge of disease outbreaks. This is because (on top of all that) the crowded environment where they came from inevitably is chocked full of harmful pathogens.

What does that mean for you? It means YOU have to do a quarantine process that involves treating for all of the potential "hitchhikers" that came along with your fish. But most keepers don't do that, because of the inconvenience and expense for medications. The result?

Their fish don't last long. So they have to get fish after fish, which also racks up the cost. After so many failures the first time goldfish owner then thinks, "My goldfish are ALWAYS DYING no matter what I do... I'm so done with this."

So, while the initial cost may seem pricey compared to the ones you're used to, trust me on this - you get what you pay for. I can tell you that personally, I have spent HUNDREDS on pet store fish and have been burned so many times by people who care and know nothing about the goldfish they are selling. The best decision I ever made was to boycott those chain stores and get all my future fish strictly from professionals. Plus, we're always there to help you *if* you ever come up against a problem or just have questions. And trust me, you will sooner or later ;)

Our Philosophy

We treat every fish with the highest level of care and the methods found in The Truth About Goldfish guide. This means we never use any store-bought medications in our unique quarantine process, relying rather on natural remedies and techniques that effectively ensure parasite-free fish without causing damage or stress. We want to make sure the fish you will be getting is as healthy and beautiful as possible. We do not resell any fish the same day we receive it, and the fish are supplied directly to us without any kind of intermediaries involved. This is because we know how stressful multiple shipping destinations can be for goldies, and we want to make sure your fish will arrive to your doorstep at its very best. We also never feed anything to these fish that we would not feed to our own goldfish! This means only the best live and gluten free foods. Our practices put a heavy focus on the long-term well being of your new pet, ensuring that you meet the least amount of frustration as possible.

General Shipping Information

We ship Fedex Express (1 day shipping) to ensure the fish are in transit for the least amount of time. All fish are healthy, double-bagged individually and packed into a Styrofoam insulated box for structure and temperature control, and the area around the bag filled with lightweight packing. Before shipment, your fish will be fasted for a couple of days to prevent fouling of the bag water. We have received many compliments on the professional packing jobs we perform for every shipment.

Due to regulations we can only ship within the USA. We are sorry about this but there are too many customs restrictions to have things otherwise, as much as we would like to ship to other countries.

DOA Policy

If Dead On Arrival please photograph 2 pictures taken in the unopened bag and send within 2 hours of arrival to info@puregoldfish.com. Your purchase will be refunded, however shipping costs are not refundable. Fish are not guaranteed beyond live delivery as we cannot control their environment after that.

Please note that if you pay by Paypal, we MUST ship to the address on that Paypal account. Your purchase will be refunded if you request shipment to a different address than the one on your Paypal account, which if this is the case, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank You for Stopping by!

We're so happy you dropped by to take a look at our stock. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email from our contact form and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours. Enjoy browsing around and happy fish keeping!

Christine I.

5stars   Very beautiful and healthy fish... Look forward to doing more business with this seller in the future!

Diego F

5stars   The fish made it ok. They look great